Thursday, November 18, 2010

How many tombs were dug in the Valley of the Kings?

There are 62 know tombs dug in to the Valley of the kings. Well, only 62 for the pharaohs but there are hundreds and hundreds more dug for noblemen, craftsmen and the king's advisers. Most of these tombs have been robbed or destroyed by tomb robbers. Most of the tombs can't be identified because they are in such bad shape. I hope when i die no one put any riches in my coffin because I don't want to have grave robbers take my stuff.


  1. Your post is the best post in the history of blog post time.

  2. again very good sam. I wouldn't think that there there would be only so few. I thought there would be much more tombs than that. I liked in this one how you really had youre voice in it. Very good job!!