Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why was the Valley of the Kings Built? For what pharoh?

When you think of the Valley of the Kings what do you see? Nothing. Most people haven't even heard of this Valley of the Kings deal. Well, I think we need to begin with how and why The Valley of the Kings was built. It was built so, that robber wouldn't raid tombs. Why wouldn't they rob from the Valley. Simple, a big pyramid is a instant red flag that says a pharaoh is buried in here there are jewels and riches for you to steal. The Valley is less conspicuous. But, most of the tombs were robbed any way so that was kind of a fail. Well servants, not slaves carved tombs and path ways in to the mountain sides. These servants worked eight days a week and had two days off and for those of us who have a PhD in math know that means ancient Egyptians had a ten day week. It wasn't built for a specific pharaoh.

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  1. When I first saw the heading it didn't seem very interesting to me but when I read the actual passage it was very good. You put robber when it was supposed to be robbers.